complaint procedure

ScanCoaching Academy BV does everything it can to provide you with the best possible service. Yet it may happen that you are not satisfied. You can of course submit your complaints or comments to us. We will treat it in confidence and try to find a solution in consultation with you.

ScanCoaching Academy BV takes the following procedure into account.

  1. Deadline for complaint
    Complaints about the execution of the agreement must be submitted to ScanCoaching Academy BV in a timely, complete and clear manner.
    By 'timely' is meant 'within 4 weeks after the training'. Failure to submit the complaint on time may result in the Customer losing his or her rights in the matter.
  2. Kenbaarheid
    Complaints must be made known in writing or by e-mail to ScanCoaching Academy BV via:
    ScanCoaching Academy BV
    T.a.v. the Complaints Department
    Princess Marijkelaan 7
    2224VA Katwijk or by e-mail to
    , with the subject 'Complaint'. ScanCoaching Academy BV only handles written complaints. ScanCoaching Academy BV therefore advises the Client to send the complaint by registered mail or to request an e-mail confirmation of receipt. The Client provides a motivated explanation of the content of the complaint. The Customer also mentions the course (variant), the location and the name of the lecturer to promote an expedited handling. If the problem is relatively simple and quick to resolve, the problem can be made known by telephone. ScanCoaching Academy BV will then propose a solution as soon as possible.
  3. Privacy
    A complaint will always be treated confidentially by ScanCoaching Academy BV.
  4. Confirmation of complaint
    ScanCoaching Academy BV will send a written confirmation of receipt to the complainant within five working days of receipt of the written complaint. If a solution can not be offered immediately, this letter will also give an indication of the period within which a further investigation will be started and the complaint will be dealt with.
  5. Investigate complaint
    ScanCoaching Academy BV undertakes to start a further investigation into the submitted complaint and strives to take measures within 4 weeks with which the complainant can agree.
  6. Response to the survey
    ScanCoaching Academy BV will communicate with the complainant within the period stated in point 4 about the outcome of the investigation, the decision taken and any follow-up actions.
  7. Postpone
    If the term communicated under point 4 is not met, ScanCoaching Academy BV will correspond with the complainant, informing the complainant about the postponement, explaining the postponement and indicating a new deadline.
  8. Retention period
    The registered complaints are kept for a period of 3 years.
  9. Dispute resolution
    If the complaint can not be resolved by mutual agreement, a dispute arises that is subject to the disputes regulation of article 21 of the General Terms of Delivery.

    1. Disputes between the Customer and ScanCoaching Academy BV regarding the formation or execution of agreements with regard to services and goods to be delivered or delivered by this entrepreneur can be brought by both the Customer and the entrepreneur to the Complaints Procedure of KTNO, .
    2. The Complaints Committee will only deal with a dispute if the Customer has first submitted his complaint to ScanCoaching Academy BV in accordance with the provisions of Article 20 of the General Delivery Conditions (the complaints procedure) and this has not led to a solution satisfactory to both parties. . In order to subsequently submit the dispute to the Complaints Committee, the Client must indicate in writing that the outcome of the complaints procedure has not led to a satisfactory result. If the Customer subsequently mentions to appeal to the Complaints Committee, this is a formal dispute.
    3. The Customer may submit up to three months after the end of the course, training, education or stretch a written complaint about the implementation of the course, training, education or path to the Complaints.
    4. A fee is due for handling a dispute.
    5. When the Client submits a dispute to the Complaints Committee, ScanCoaching Academy BV is bound by this choice.
    6. If ScanCoaching Academy BV wishes to submit a dispute to the Complaints Committee, ScanCoaching Academy BV must first request the Customer to declare within five weeks whether he agrees to this. ScanCoaching Academy BV must hereby announce that ScanCoaching Academy BV considers itself free to submit the dispute to the ordinary court after the expiry of the aforementioned term.
    7. The Complaints Committee will make a decision with due observance of the provisions of its regulations. The decision of the Complaints Committee takes the form of a binding recommendation.