2-day Leading Self Bootcamp

The SHFT Happens Leading Self Bootcamp offers you the unique opportunity to learn from internationally recognized and experienced practitioners and human behavior experts from the business, coaching and academic world. It provides a combination of Master Classes, Personal Coaching, and in-depth Self-knowledge.

For Whom

The Leading Self Bootcamp is designed for anyone, who wants to take the next step towards actualizing. In addition to offering various tools, the program coaches are all practitioners and will guide participants toward sustaining wellbeing through life.

Your Coaches

Ina Catrinescu

Ina Catrinescu

CEO, Chief Emotions Officer

Ina Catrinescu is a C-level consultant, entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, and best-selling author. She’s also an Emotional Intelligence trainer, Generative Change Coach, and Certified Yoga Instructor who has overcome not one, but two episodes of burnout.

Over the past 18 years, she has led Global Change and transformation initiatives at companies such as KPMG, ING, Europol and Achmea, and founded SHFT Happens - Europe’s First Metaskills Academy.

Marko van der Beek

Marko van der Beek

CPO, Chief Patterns Officer

Marko is founder of ScanCoaching®, Trainer, Executive Coach, and Speaker. His mission is to make the unseen seen. His unique strength is pattern recognition.

Marko believes that with rapidly changing time, leadership requires new insights. Using the most modern technologies, he can give these insights quickly, deeply and sustainably.


In this bootcamp, we’re blending science with technology to bring you sophisticated insights from brain scanning, and a robust, scientifically validated Emotional Intelligence assessment, to offer you a unique, in-depth and unbeatable bible on who you are and what makes you YOU.

MetaSkills SHFT Happens

Program and Coaching: 'Learning by Seeing'

This Bootcamp focusses on Self-knowledge. Personal Leadership is our ability to actualize our full inner potential. We believe, that this potential can only be actualized when you truly, and deeply know yourself.

Personal Leadership is an ongoing process of striving toward the maximum development of our competencies, skills, and talents. It is not merely performance, but performing at the highest level, and we can only reach that level by knowing our blindspots.

The coaches will share their experiences in the form of a masterclass on their specific topic. You will be offered the opportunity to participate in a brain scan and Emotional Intelligence assessment. At the same time, the facilitators will continuously focus on your progress through ongoing coaching and guidance,

Part 1 – Emotional Intelligence Assessment with Emotional Quotient Inventory® 2.0
Part 2 – Brainscan with ScanCoaching®
Part 3 – Action Plan & Reflection
Part 4 – Individual Coaching

This program is a cooperation between ScanCoaching Academy and SHFT Happens.