Business-Master ScanCoach

ScanCoaching Nederland only offers experience to experienced business coaches with at least 10 years experience in coaching.

After the first 4 modules the follow-up module starts up to Business ScanCoach® . You can choose from 1 or more business modules: Vitality, Performance or Mobility. The modules are fully tailored to those professionals who want to learn how to use ScanCoaching ® as an (extra) method in their own coaching practice to improve the effectiveness of their coaching in the business market.

The training for Master ScanCoach® consists of 10 training days, divided into 8 half-days of theory and 10 half-days of practice and one exam-day. This course comprises all 7 modules and is concluded with both a theoretical and a practical exam.

In order to remain certified as Business or Master ScanCoach®, you must attend a day of intervision or in-service training at least 4 times a year. We also regularly test for knowledge and skills.

The Master ScanCoach® program is accredited as a HBO sub-program by the KTNO (18 ECTS). You must have the (pre) training Basic Medical knowledge PLATO standard or comparable to obtain the certificate.