Business-Master ScanCoach

ScanCoaching Netherlands accommodates experienced business coaches with a number of years of experience in coaching.

After the first 2 modules, the follow-up module starts into Business ScanCoach®. You will learn the business protocols in this module: Vitality, Performance or Purpose. The module is fully tailored to those professionals, who would like to learn to use ScanCoaching® as an (extra) method in their own coaching practice to improve the effectiveness of their coaching in the business market.

The training for Master ScanCoach® consists of 10 training days, which are divided into 8 days of theory and 10 part practice and 1 exam day. This training includes all modules and intervisions and is concluded with both a theoretical and a practical exam.

In order to remain as a Business or Master ScanCoach® certified, you follow a day of intervision or further training at least 4 times a year. Knowledge and skill are also regularly tested.

The Master ScanCoach® programme is accredited as an applied science sub-programme by the KTNO (18 ECTS). The advice is to have the (pre)training Medical Basic knowledge PLATO standard or similar.

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