You know for sure with ScanCoaching®!

ScanCoaching Academy offers coaches, trainers and therapists training in the latest validated technologies and methodologies. The training courses ensure that you come to the cause of the conscious and unconscious moods of your clients or patients at the most profound level. You can therefore offer concrete solutions that were unattainable for that.

All coaches, trainers and therapists connected to ScanCoaching Nederland BV are selected and trained by us. We work exclusively with professionals who have experience in coaching, coaching and training people.

Our ScanCoaches® not only support consumers, but also employees of companies, institutions and organizations. The results of our coaching projects speak for themselves. ScanCoaching demonstrably increases the sustainable employability of employees by 85%.

The resilience of people who have followed a ScanCoaching trajectory increases by 27% and time management is improved by 31%. General health increases by 38%, while the total stress factor is reduced by 32%.

About us

ScanCoaching Academy works with various trainers and supervisors. Each module has its own trainer and supervisor. Because of this specialization, everyone who follows the module benefits optimally from the knowledge of the trainer and supervisor.

Every trainer is of course certified and follows several times a year supervisations and refresher courses, so that knowledge and skills remain at a high level.

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