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ScanCoaching Academy provides coaches, trainers and therapists with training in the latest technologies and methodologies that give them insight into measurable unconscious states of mind and their underlying causes.

Basic Training ScanCoach

The basic module is fully tailored to practitioners, who would like to learn to use ScanCoaching as an (extra) method in their own practice. 

Advanced Training ScanCoach

In addition to the basics, you will learn   to work holistically and integrally. In this module you will learn to make connections between all scans and solution groups.

Master’s Programme ScanCoach

You will learn the business protocols in this module: Vitality, Performance or Purpose. The module is fully tailored to those professionals, who would like to learn to use ScanCoachingĀ® as an (extra) method in their own practice.

If you really want to know

in-depth and extremely effective

ScanCoachingĀ® is a registered methodology that has been extensively tested and tested over the past decade. As a ScanCoach, you will learn to use the complex data from psyray technology. The ScanCoach programme is applied science accredited and if you pass you exam you are officially certified.

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