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  • € 250 per day part applies to all modules.
  • A supervision day costs € 150, -
  • Each module is concluded with a certificate with appropriate dongle so that you can work with the program. The one-off costs for both the purchase of the dongle and the first programming amount to € 200, -
  • Every upgrade from the dongle to the next level (after obtaining the next module) costs € 50, -
  • All teaching materials, coffee and/or tea are included. Lunch and dinner are for your own account.
  • After all modules including all business modules, you can choose to take a theoretical and practical exam. This exam costs € 250, -. After passing this exam you are certified and accredited for the health insurers.
  • The training for Master ScanCoach® consists of 10 training days, divided into 8 half-days of theory and 10 half-days of practice and one exam-day. This training includes all 7 modules and is concluded with both a theoretical and a practical exam.
  • A Medical Basic Knowledge certificate is mandatory for the Master ScanCoach® final exam. This certificate must be obtained from a recognized trainer.

Software: PSY-ray Professional

  • PSY-ray Professional is the software that will be used from 1 July 2019.
  • Functionality of the system is switched on and off via the personal dongle.
  • PSY-ray Professional can be rented at € 345 per month plus € 1,000 at the start of the contract. The minimum contract duration is 36 months. Then the contract can be terminated on a monthly basis.
  • The insurance costs are € 512, - per year and are charged on a monthly basis.
  • Updates and service are guaranteed during the rent so that everyone can deliver the same quality.
  • PSY-ray Professional is for sale for € 15,000 with 3 years of service and warranty and 5 years of software updates.
  • For the rent or sale a separate agreement is entered into with PSY-ray International BV, which is the owner of PSY-ray Professional.

Example 1

  • Basic 1 is 3 half days and costs 3x € 250, -
  • The mandatory supervision day is € 150, -
  • The one-time purchase of the dongle is € 200, -
  • Total investment in the first module is € 1,100, -

Example 2

  • The total Master ScanCoach® program is 10 days and costs 20x € 250, -
  • The one-time purchase of the dongle is € 200, -
  • Total investment in the Master ScanCoach® program is € 5,200, -

Example 3

  • The total Advanced ScanCoach® program is 4 modules and costs 16x € 250, -
  • The one-time purchase of the dongle is € 200, -
  • Total investment in the Advanced ScanCoach® program is € 4,200, -


All amounts stated for training are VAT free . The other amounts are exclusive of 21% VAT