Basic-Advanced ScanCoach

ScanCoaching Academy offers the possibility to modularly follow the training to 'Basic ScanCoach' or 'Advanced ScanCoach'. With the basic modules, you can already easily use the scanning technology in your own practice.

After the selection procedure, the training starts with Basic ScanCoach. The basic modules are fully tailored to practitioners, who want ScanCoaching to learn how to use it as an (extra) method in their own practice. The scanning technology enables you as a therapist to go directly and quickly to the cause of the current process on the basis of 'measuring is knowing'.

The 3 basic modules and the in-depth module consist of different day parts with mandatory intervision. Each module is concluded with a certificate. There is no obligation to follow all modules.

Upon completion of basic module 1, 2 or 3 you are certified Basic ScanCoach®. The completion of the 4th module is entitled: Advanced ScanCoach® . Each certificate has a different functionality in the program of scanning technology.

In order to remain certified as ScanCoach, you must attend a day of intervision or in-service training at least twice a year. We also regularly test for knowledge and skills.

The Advanced ScanCoach® program is accredited as a HBO study program by the KTNO (13 ECTS). You must have the (pre) training Basic Medical knowledge PLATO standard or comparable to obtain the certificate.